Win - using Autohotkey to switch to VM instead

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When using Guake/Yakuake often, one easily tempted to use the key F12 in Windows… and nothing happens! Now, I am using Autohotkey to open my VM instead – and there I usually have a beautiful yakuake with 256 colors, instead of an ugly cmd or putty.

SetTitleMatchMode 1

IfWinExist Ubuntu

One caveat: Doesn’t seems to work with Firebug, which takes the F12 key by itself. But Firebug offers ways to change keybindings.


Thanks to the comment from outsmartin, one can leave out the '~' and the F12-keypress will always be sent into the Virtual Box.

SetTitleMatchMode 1

IfWinExist LinuxMint
Send {F12}

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