Installing and compiling Sphinx edge with Libstemmer support for German, French, etc....

13th February 2012 – 147 words

Using and installing the Sphinx Search Daemon with a wide range of stemmer, not only English

cd mysrc
tar xf sphinx-2.0.3-release.tar.gz
cd sphinx-2.0.3-release/
cd libstemmer_c/
tar xf libstemmer_c.tgz
mv libstemmer_c/* . -f
cd ..
./configure --with-libstemmer
sudo make install

Then, the stemming can be activated for: danish dutch english finnish french german hungarian italian norwegian portuguese romanian russian spanish swedish turkish

In your sphinx.conf or config/sphinx.yml (thinking sphinx, the great Rails gem for managing Sphinx, sphinx.yml) set the new stemmers:

# sphinx.conf
morphology = libstemmer_de, stem_en

# or sphinx.yml
morphology: libstemmer_de, stem_en

So, more than one stemmer can be activated.

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