Developer Links Season 2, Issue 2

13th April 2020 – 840 words

In this (revived) monthly section, I want to share links that I found interesting or that came up in our company’s monthly developer chat. This is a good way, to clean my bookmark list and maybe there are some interesting bits here and there for you as well.

Week 5 since our kids are at home, since Germany’s state-wide distancing order.

Desktop software and CLI tools

dani-garcia/bitwarden_rs: Unofficial Bitwarden compatible server written in Rust - dani-garcia/bitwarden_rs

For our company needs we were looking for a self-hosted key server for shared credentials (3rd party services, router, administrative stuff). Bitwarden-RS is a Rust implementation and API compatible with client implementations like Browser plugins. Beeing able to self-host this in a VPN gives as piece of mind.

meilisearch/MeiliSearch: Lightning Fast, Ultra Relevant, and Typo-Tolerant Search Engine - meilisearch/MeiliSearch

Another take on the whole Elasticsearch Alternative train. Hopefully I have opportunity to try out tools like that, but there are lots of features that a good App search needs to cover: synonyms, (international) stemming, multiple filters, facets, did you mean, …

glimpse-editor/Glimpse: Fork of the GNU Image Manipulation Program.

Promising fork of GIMP which try to bring GIMP UIs into the “usable” space my dropping the floating window crap.

Papercut simple replacement = IMAP to print (Ruby)

For our office we were looking for a good approach for “send a pdf to a mail to print it”. Instead of using the completely overkill Papercut, I’ve build a small script on top of mail_room which idles on a IMAP connection to send incoming pdfs to the printer, just by issuing the lp command from linux.

Michael-Beutling/Amazon-MoneyMoney: Give you a overview about your amazon orders in MoneyMoney - Michael-Beutling/Amazon-MoneyMoney

MoneyMoney, the best Mac software to handle (European) banking landscape has a plugin system. This is a newer plugin that fetches all the Amazon orders and makes categorization of individual articles possible instead of pseudonymous order numbers in the banking statement.

Screenotate: Take screenshots you can search, with automatic OCR

(paid) Mac-App, that can OCR screenshots and produce self-contained HTML-files, which makes Screenshots searchable and adds the URL of a website, that you screenshotted. If you are in a need to make a lot of Screenshots, and find specific ones later on.

Ruby / Rails

Vessel: Ruby web crawling framework

If you need to build a spider/mass-crawler powered by Chrome, so that JS is supported. Ruby high-level Ruby web crawling framework.

process manager for Procfile-based applications and tmux

Testdouble presents a Foreman / Procfile replacement, that allows process attachment to enter byebyug/pry sessions

70+ Ruby on Rails Security Best Practices & Vulnerabilities

Good to be familiar with most concepts, even for e “greybeard” like me having a fresher about all the security headers out there is rather nice.

Optimised Docker builds for Rails apps

2020 take on Rails on Docker with a couple of good tips, like asset handling.


by my collegue Wolfgang

The perfect Front-End Checklist for modern websites and meticulous developers

Neumorphism in user interfaces

Neuromorphism is a new Design trend after Skeumorphism, Flat and Material (did I forgot some?)

ralixjs/ralix: ✨ Microframework for building and organizing Rails front-ends

Another alternative like Stimulus.js for implementing maintainable JavaScript without jumping the Rabbit Hole of a Component Framework / SPA


Uber moves from Microservices to "Macroservices"

More signs, that cargo-culting architecture trends have major downsides Instant realtime GraphQL APIs on PostgreSQL

Hasura is an open source engine that connects to your databases & microservices and auto-generates a production-ready GraphQL backend. Blazing fast • Auto-scalable • Extensible

The second option after Postgraphile to Auto-GraphQL existing PG databases