Dev-Links #8 - Ops & stuff

23rd November 2020 – 381 words

Some links around Ops/DevOps and this month.

The Tech Stack of a One-Man SaaS

There’s just something fascinating about getting to know what’s under the hood of other people’s businesses. It’s like gossip, but about software.

Need to get started with that k8s stuff…

The golden age of configuration languages

I think DevOps, as we understand it today, is coming to an end. At least the Ops part of it. As cloud infrastructure becomes a key application concern, more and more ops tasks are done by the cloud itself or built into the application. What’s left is the provisioning and management of the infrastructure needed by the application. This comes with all the baggage associated, like security and networking, for example.

k3s_hetzner / K3S in Hetzner

Kubernetes Cluster built with k3s, Terraform, Ansible, Cloud-Init in Hetzner Cloud

Maybe You Don't Need Kubernetes

Kubernetes is the 800-pound gorilla of container orchestration. It powers some of the biggest deployments worldwide, but it comes with a price tag. Especially for smaller teams, it can be time-consuming to maintain and has a steep learning curve.


Simple, fast, secure all-in-one mail server.

All-in-one Mail-server in Go, SMTP and IMAP.

Newsletters spam test

Check your newsletter's spam score and quality.

Rails developers: Have better context in Git diffs

Git diffs show the surrounding contexts for diff hunks. It does so by applying regular expressions to find the beginning of a context.

Improve your git diff output by including language dependent context, like function.

Funkwhale - Your free and decentralized audio platform

A social platform to enjoy and share music