Dev-Links #10 - Ruby/Rails links

19th December 2020 – 508 words

In this new monthly section, I want to share links that I found interesting or that came up while browsing around Hacker-News, RubyFlow, Reddit, Twitter, … or in our company’s monthly developer chat. This is a good way, to clean my bookmark list and maybe there are some interesting bits here and there for you as well.

This post includes only Ruby/Ruby on Rails relevant conent.

Sandi Metz - Talk Session: Polly Want a Message

Explore DDD 2019 - Denver, Sept. 16-20 Object-oriented languages have opinions about how best to arrange code. These opinions lead OO to naturally offer cert...

Good talk about improving OO design in Ruby.

GoRails Episode 266 - From Editor to IDE

Drifting Ruby Screencasts is a collection of short tutorial screencast videos and documentation for accomplishing functional concepts in web development.

As (N)Vim still is my daily driver, I like to use VScode from time to time. It’s a great editor, which appearently can function as a Ruby IDE, too.

When Should You NOT Use Rails?

For the entertaining version, listen to the podcast. For the just-the-facts extra-complete version, I’m writing this post.


Terminal user interface library.

CLI toolkit which I used in a recent DevOps project. I like the (threading) loading tasks very much. But also has all the bells and whistles for building great command line apps: quick unicode status updates, progress-bars, inputs, selects

ago Gem

(Auto-)Build Beautiful Admin Dashboards and Panels for Your Active Record (Database) Models (Incl. File Attachments) with Configuration in Code

Another contender for the missing Rails Admin Auto-CRUD dashboard (frankly, which I am not a very big fan of)


Parameters-based transformation DSL.

Palkan extracted a pattern which I myself see in many Rails apps - Mapping various parameters to a SQL builder

Climbing Steep hills, or adopting Ruby 3 types with RBS — Martian Chronicles

A deep dive into adding Ruby Type Signatures to existing projects and using Steep to perform type checking.

Ruby 3.0 around the corner, I, too played around a little with the Type checker. It’s rough but promising. Hoping to see IDE/LSP Support in the next couple of years improving by this.

Occams Record

The missing high-efficiency query API for ActiveRecord

If querying and loading records is your bottleneck, this might be a solution as it promises speedup of 3-5x to ActiveRecord