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I am Stefan from Dresden, Germany, a full-stack developer currently working mostly with Ruby/Rails at pludoni GmbH. I use this site for irregular blogging, sharing solutions to undocumented problems or technology decisions.


Technical articles


Going personal

From now on, I will post personal opinions, achievements, China related, and other non-technical posts into a new sec...

My first Chinese Blog article


Traffic in China

When coming from Germany, the first impression of Beijing's traffic was horrible. Driver drive like crazy: using ...

Some hints for a trip to China

During my trips to China, I gain some experience for surviving here, which I like to share to aspiring China travelle...

Children's day in China

Today, I had the great opportunity to take part in the International Children's Day celebration in a Chinese kind...

Finanzielles - interessehalber

Uns sind letztens die Bargeldreserven, die wir direkt mitgenommen und hier umgetauscht hatten, ausgegangen.Nach dem A...