Free Chinese learning app - Introduction of my Web app

18th June 2011 – 174 words

Today, I want to introduce my online web-app for learning Chinese vocabulary. I wrote this some weeks ago, and until now I had a lot of fun, which I want to share with all the other Chinese learners.

For demonstration, I created a short screencast to show how easy it is to use.


In my opinion, this app helps a lot for a systematical learning of words

If you are a learner of the Chinese language, and also waste a lot of papers to train the writing, “give it a try!”:

Languages available:

  • English: Interface and word database
  • German: Interface language only. Unfortunatly, I only found free-to-use dictionaries in English up to now.

Browsers tested:

  • Firefox 4
  • Chrome 13+

I am heavily motivated, to improve that app, so if you find any glitches or have some ideas, tell me at Coders can also send in bugreports (and bugfixes) at “GitHub”: