Bookmarks in october 2013

31st October 2013 – 1382 words

In this month, I want to share all the blog posts, articles and links that I find interesting or helped me in my professional life. Disclaimer: I didn’t consume all of them.



Docker is a new approach for managing virtualized environments. Instead of booting a full blown VM, which takes a long time, Docker isolates the processes via Linux container images, which is really fast.

Docker - interactive tutorial

Very nice online tutorial. Just try it out in the browser.

Docker Containers

This article on Infoq made me look into Docker, actually.

Dokku - Heroku self-made

Dokku is a real easy combination of FOSS, to replicate the deploy mechanism of Heroku. That means, you just push a git repository and a Docker image of your application will be built and run.


Docker web ui for managing docker images. Not tried out yet.

Scala FOSS Webapps

Scala becoming more and more popular. I found great web apps that should be easily deployable to Java servers.


A FOSS Github/Gitlab alternative. Even as a seasoned Ruby developer, deploying and maintaining (that means upgrading every other month) of Gitlab can be a bit of a hassle.

PostgreSQL Studio

In comparison to MySQL, PostgreSQL is missing an ubiquitous web-based management software. PostgreSQL Studio could fill this gap.

Programming languages & Guides

A rolling stone gathers no moss.

Scala Online Course 2 - Reactive Programming

Martin Odersky, the creator of Scala, and a very patient and clear teacher, gives the follow-up course of the Functional Programming with Scala course: Reactive Programming Principles. It will start on Nov 7th. Really looking forward!

Learn Elixir in X minutes

Elixir, if you havn’t heard about it, is a functional programming languages on top of the Erlang VM, which resembles Ruby and supports meta programming, pattern matching and macros.

Very brief overview over the language elements.

Presentation: Confessions of a Ruby Developer Whose Heart Was Stolen by Scala

In this talk my goal will be to illustrate how I've made the transition from the dynamic programming world of Ruby to the type safe and highly async/concurrent world of Scala and Akka. [...]. I want to illustrate how Scala does a much better job at allowing the developer to be expressive while avoiding common pitfalls with Ruby.

Ultimate guide to learning AngularJS in one day

7 Webframeworks in 7 Weeks

Just bought the beta-ebook, to peek into other webframeworks: client and server side: Sinatra, CanJS, AngularJS, Ring, Webmachine, Yesod, Immutant

Ruby/Rails specific

Presentation: Why Aren't You Using Ruby?

Jim Weirich, creator of Rake, tells his story how Ruby influenced his work.

GoGaRuCo 2013 - Measuring Ruby by Sam Saffron and Jeff Atwood

Very good summary of current Ruby/Rails related performance measuring tools, used by the Discourse team

Recap - Faster Capistrano based Rails deployments

Blog post about Recap, which provides fast capistrano tasks, that skip unnecessary tasks which accelerates the overall deployment process.

12 Tips for the Rails Asset Pipeline

Good wrap up about the Rails asset pipelines, problems with it, and how to solve it.


Rails Girls Dresden

Rails-Girls Dresden hat nun eine Website und einen Termin: 8.-10. November. Als Coach freue ich mich sehr darauf, dass Martin und Peter es geschafft haben, das auch ins provinzielle Dresden bringen zu können

Mitfahrgelegenheiten-Suchmaschine für den deutschsprachigen Raum. Durchsucht alle Mitfahrportale außer

Beefy Server von Hetzner

32 GB RAM und SSD Festplatte, Core i7. Mein wahrscheinlich nächster Server.


Ein weitere MOOC Online “Schule”, dieses mal auch mit deutschsprachigen Kursen zu Themen wie IT, Marketing und BWL.


Last but not least some articles, mostly unrelated to (my daily) programming.

Deadweight - Find unused CSS rules

Deadweight is a CSS coverage tool. Given a set of stylesheets and a set of URLs, it determines which selectors are actually used and reports which can be "safely" deleted.

Google Webdesigner

Web-App by Google for fast and easy creation of websites.

Wristify - Trick the body to control body temperature

MIT students present this crazy prototype: A wrist band that can control your body temperature via electro stimulation. Very interesting.

(via German T3n

Dark Mail Alliance

Ambitious project by Lavabit founder to replace current e-mail with a more secure protocol - end-to-end encryption included.

Blog post: Loyalty and professional network

Do not rely on your employer. A commercial company has no loyalty towards it’s employees, so you should also have only limited to them. Instead, build upon your professional network and your personal skills. Discussed on Ruby Rogues.

'Spotify' for ebooks

Paying 10 bucks a month and gain access to 10,000 ebooks. It’s about time!

Unfortunatly, only available in US atm. (Via German T3n)


After buying 7 webframeworks in 7 weeks (as mentioned above), I was curious about the Readmill button, that Pragprog provides.

Readmill is a Berlin based startup, which provides synchronized beautiful reading apps. So far, I like it, and imported some of my epubs. Unfortunatly, the Android app still needs work (no text highlighting, synchronizing is broken) and there is no web interface for reading.

The IT Crowd - The Last Byte

A very last webisode of the great British TV show IT Crowd.

GoGaRuCo 2013 - Solving the Rubik's Cube in 20 Seconds by Chris Hunt

Impressive demonstration and algorithms for solving a Rubik’s Cube.

TED: How I hacked online dating

More scientific (and spammy? :D) approach to Online-dating - From a user’s perspective.

What did I miss?