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In this new monthly section, I want to share links that I found interesting. This is a good way, to clean my bookmark list and maybe there are some interesting bits here and there for you as well.

This month was more intense on the Ruby/Rails side and less server stuff. I developed a new website for finding recommended Podcats,, which is very alpha now.

Ruby & Ruby on Rails

{% project Ruby documentation search - Omniref %} New, unifying document website for Ruby stdlib, Rails and many Gems. {% endproject %}

{% project dickeyxxx : Make bundler crazy fast %} Update your bundler, set the environment and speed up your bundle install a lot! Because bundler now will use more than one CPU core. {% endproject %}

{% project Rubyists, It's Time to PRY Yourself Off IRB! - SitePoint %} For everyone, still not using Pry as an IRB/Rails console replacement, read, learn, apply! {% endproject %}

{% project Richard Huang - Upgrade to capistrano3 %} Capistrano 3 is definitely an improvement IMO. Rails integration with RVM and bundler was very easy. {% endproject %}

{% project Errbit: MongoDB is dead. Long live Postgresql %} Errbit is an OpenSource error tracking software with Airbrake interface. The main app requires MongoDB, but know somebody made a fork using PostgreSQL instead. Can't wait to replace our running instance. {% endproject %}

{% project vlado/rails_db_info %} Rails-Engine for development which provides a Database structure overview under localhost:3000/rails/info/db where you can browse the table structure and data. {% endproject %}

{% project Making uploads work across form redisplays %} Found out, carrierwave supports finished uploads on form validation errors! Good to know for the future, no custom Paperclip-sessionID handling required. {% endproject %}

{% project Scheduled Jobs · mperham/sidekiq Wiki %} I tried out Sidekiq for the background jobs on and love it. Scheduled Jobs is a feature, I want to further explore, like sending E-Mails not instantly, but e.g. on the next workday at daytime and not Sunday in the middle of the night. {% endproject %}

{% project kickstarter/rack-attack %} Kickstarter is also using Rails for their website. They contributed this Rack middleware for handling various attack scenarios and to rate limit unwanted visitors. {% endproject %}

{% project Effortless Two-Factor Authentication %} Using Two-factor authentication in your own Rails-app. {% endproject %}

{% project RSpec 2.99 and 3.0 betas have been released %} Guide to upgrade to Rspec 3. Not sure about the advantages of the new expect syntax. {% endproject %}

Coding / General Web development

{% project PostgreSQL: Dont Use CHAR or VARCHAR %} This article recommends to just use TEXT as string data type in PostgreSQL, because Chart and Varchar are taking the same space (or more). {% endproject %}

{% project understanding_explain.pdf %} Understanding EXPLAIN (ANALYZE) arguments and output of PostgreSQL. {% endproject %}

{% project List-Unsubscribe %} A Mail header, List-Unsubscribe, which should point to a webform for unsubscribing this newsletter. Use it in your (marketing?) e-Mails. Google, AOL, Hotmail will provide a button for the user to unsubscribe when they mark it as spam. {% endproject %}

{% project Xpath is actually pretty useful once it stops being confusing %} Good overview over Xpath. I generally prefer Css-selector syntax, because the syntax is ubiquitous. But sometimes, like matching content and siblings, Xpath is the only solution. {% endproject %}

{% project Devil's Dictionary of Programming %} Nice "translation" of various programmer/project manager vocabulary. :) {% endproject %}

{% project High Frequency Dating : Mostly Harmless %} Hilarious satire about SF startup culture and the urge to automate everything. {% endproject %}

{% project The Pastry Box Project %} Comprehensive introduction into encodings and how to avoid garbled characters. {% endproject %}

{% project lines_of_code %} Comparison of various large code projects in (estimated) Lines of Code. Impressive! {% endproject %}

{% project 15 Free APIs You Didn’t Hear About %} Various free APIs:

  • Generating Fake User
  • Countries, Timezones, GeoIP
  • file conversion, image information (EXIF)
  • DNS information
  • Weather
  • ...

{% endproject %}

Learning & Personal development

{% project Independent Analysis on Supplements & Nutrition | %} Website, that give some overview over scientific results of nutritions, like soy, Gluten, eggs and supplements. With TL;DR part! {% endproject %}

{% project Theyre Watching You at Work %} Very dystopian description of big companies using big data to control and "optimize" employers. Scary. {% endproject %}

{% project Course-Buffet %} Find and compare free online courses (MOOC) from Coursera, Udacity, edX and more. {% endproject %}

Machine learning

{% project Machine learning is way easier than it looks %} Very easy introduction on how to approach machine learning techniques on a Blog for displaying similar articles. {% endproject %}

{% project Data mining, forecasting and bioinformatics competitions on Kaggle %} Never heard of Kaggle before. Looks interesting, when learning and trying machine learning techniques. {% endproject %}

{% project Talk: People who liked this talk also liked ... Building Recommendation... %} How to start making recommendations in Ruby. I used some of the ideas for my initial recommendation system on {% endproject %}

{% project Machine learning algorithm cheat sheet %} Overview over popular classification algorithm and when to use what. {% endproject %}

(Android) Apps

{% project Moves App %} Promising "Quantified Self" data collection App. Unfortunately, no export function, so a little useless for me. {% endproject %}

{% project Orbot: Proxy with Tor %} A little late to the party, I just discovered this TOR anonymization App for Android. Using it system wide requires rooting, but can also be used with several Apps out of the box. {% endproject %}

{% project Disa Instant Messenger %} Disa is an ambitious App that wants to unify the various chat clients. Until it it only can replace WhatsApp and text messages. Curious, to watch that project develop and support Facebook, Gplus, Jabber, WeChat, ...:) {% endproject %}


{% project %} Various Vagrant boxes with a lot of different (Linux) distributions and configurations. {% endproject %}

{% project Rails meets docker %} Getting started with Docker containers and Ruby on Rails. {% endproject %}

{% project Beyond Configuration Management %} Ansible Blog gives an overview over the vocabulary of Deveops: Configuration Management, Deployment, Provisioning and Orchestration. And how Ansible answer this parts. {% endproject %}


{% project a2d3gE: Vim normal mode grammar %} Linguistic approach to Vim's vocabulary: transitive and intransitive verbs :) {% endproject %}

{% project nelstrom/dotfiles %} Vimrc and dotfiles from Drew Neil - adding various text-objects that I love to use more in the future, like lines. {% endproject %}


{% project Sollte ich kostenlos arbeiten? %} Einfaches Entscheidungsdiagramm, ob man etwas kostenlos machen sollte. {% endproject %}

{% project XING: Ihr Netzwerk in Zahlen %} XING's inviduelle animierte Infografik über das eigene Profil. {% endproject %}


{% project How I Ate No Food for 30 Days %} VICE magazine reporter tried out the Soylent diet for 30 days. {% endproject %}

{% project Deleting Google+ Profile %} You can delete your Google+ Profile independently of your "normal" Google profile that you use for log in and Gmail. {% endproject %}

What did I miss?