Vim: sane & fast auto completion and common issues

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Using vim's autocompletion feature is mostly fine, but there are some considerations:

  • Problem: using foldmethod=syntax and completion at the same time leads to VERY slow completion in larger files:
    • Solution: Disable folding when in insert mode:
  • Problem: completion results are irrelevant/unsatisfying
    • Use ctags (exuberant-ctags package) to generate all necessary information. Ctags will put a file named tags in your project's root directory, which include all information about defined functions, classes. For the completion inside a Rails-Project, ctags can also be used to complete all functions from all used gem (also works with RVM). If you are using supertab, than choose your standard-completion method with :SuperTabHelp and set it to "tags".
  • Problem: When working in subprojects, none of the functions from the parent-project are completed, e.g. developing Drupal-modules and including Drupal-core tags-file.
    • solution: set a recursive lookup for the 'tags' file
  • Problem: Vim does split the keyword by character "-" (or character X whatever). For instances, I'd like vim to see "post-title" as one word in Vim's sense (completion, selection, movements)
    • Solution: set iskeyword as you like
  • Problem: have to type a file-name
    • Solution: use Ctrl + X, Ctrl + F to complete filenames, relative to Vim's current workdir. See :SuperTabHelp for a list of all possible completion options.

Here the related vim-config/vimrc part:

autocmd InsertEnter * if !exists('w:last_fdm') | let w:last_fdm=&foldmethod | setlocal foldmethod=manual | endif
autocmd InsertLeave,WinLeave * if exists('w:last_fdm') | let &l:foldmethod=w:last_fdm | unlet w:last_fdm | endif

" ,rt -> regenerate tags, including objects/functions from installed gems
map rt :!ctags --extra=+f --languages=-javascript --exclude=.git --exclude=log -R * `rvm gemdir`/gems/* `rvm gemdir`/bundler/gems/*

" set tags-lookup-path
set tags=tags;/

" do not regard "-" as word seperator (css Files!)
set iskeyword+=-