Rails: Test all your static pages for success and missing translations easily

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This article was published on 05/06/2013, this means the content may be out of date or no longer relevant.
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Testing static pages in Rspec/Rails can be easily done automatically by querying the public methods of the Controller object:

describe PagesController do
  specify "Browsing static pages" do
    actions = PagesController.public_instance_methods - ApplicationController.public_instance_methods
    actions.each do |action|
      get action
      response.should be_success
      # Bonus points: Check for missing translations
      if response.body.to_s[/translation missing: (.*)"/]
        fail "There are missing translations: #{$1}"

(As controller, integration or mixed test)

This way, you ensure: Your views compile, no missing translations on the page and the actions are visible to outside world.