Mailinabox / Roundcubemail with vacation auto reply

16th February 2015 – 311 words

Update: In the mean time I was asked by the Mailinabox team to submit a pull-request to make this feature available for all Mailinabox users. This pull-request is merged in the latest Mailinabox version.

Mailinabox already includes Sieve mail filters. But to configure those in case of vacation auto responder is not very user friendly. After some hours of fiddling and searching we are settled with the vacation_sieve plugin, which is a little under documented (Github).

1. copy this folder to the plugins folder of your roundcube-installation

cd /tmp
git clone
mv Roundcube-Plugins/plugins/vacation_sieve /usr/local/lib/roundcubemail/plugins/vacation_sieve

2. activate the plugin and it’s dependency jqueryui in the


$config['plugins'] = array('archive', 'zipdownload', 'password', 'managesieve', 'jqueryui', 'vacation_sieve');

3. configure the plugin

Edit the file /usr/local/lib/roundcubemail/plugins/vacation_sieve/ to use the managedsieve daemon:

    'transfer' => array(
        # Transfer mode: local, ssh, sieve, etc...
        # Only local supported atm

        # Select mode
        #'mode' =>  'local',
        'mode' =>  'managesieve',
        #'mode'   => 'ssh',

        'ms_activate_script' => true,
        # Only used in SSH Mode
        'host'   => 'localhost',
        'port'   => '4190',
        'usetls' => false,
        'path' => 'vacation',

        # example of a template path to save/load the local file
        # 'path' => '/var/vmail/<domain>/<logon>/Maildir/.sieve',

Done! Now user have another tab vacation in their settings menu. This just use the built-in filters. Activating the autoresponder creates a filter set vacation and disables all previous enabled filter sets.