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18th October 2020 – 543 words

After some months of silence, this category keeps on delivering.

Ruby & Rails


A system for processing messages from RabbitMQ.

Rails/Ruby framework for connecting distributed apps over RabbitMQ service bus. Will need this in a future project this year.


Model-backed searches in Rails.

Alternative to ransack for building search models instead of relying on method_missing stuff.

mrinterweb/pg_dump_anonymize Ruby script for PG Dump Anonymization

Anonymizing pg_dump data isn't always straight forward. This tool helps. It has no dependencies, other than ruby. Another good thing is that sensitive data doesn't need to ever be stored temporarily as this can be used with Unix pipes and the data is passed through as IO data.

React is Dead. Long live Reactive Rails! Long live StimulusReflex and ViewComponent!

The recent trend of Rails developers to skip building large JavaScript apps by putting the logic in Ruby and sychronize via WebSockets (ActionCable).


Authorization framework for Ruby/Rails applications

I must check this out for the next project… GraphQL integration sounds nice too


Terraforming legacy Rails applications guides and tools

Collection of tooling to help refactor larger/older apps.


Sentinel Hub

Sentinel Hub - Cloud API for Satellite Imagery

An alternative to pricey Google Maps and low-res ESRI


Downloads songs from your Spotify Playlist.

Script that downloads songs from spotify, than searches for the song on Youtube and uses youtube-dl to extract the audio.


The free Zapier/IFTTT alternative for developers to automate your workflows based on Github actions - actionsflow/actionsflow

After IFTTT drastically reduce it’s free service, I moved some functionality (like Auto Twitter from RSS) to this new workflow based on Github’s CI solution.

RabbitMQ vs. Kafka - An Architect's Dilemma (Part 1) - Stiller on Software

For some reason, many developers view RabbitMQ and Kafka as interchangeable. The goal of this post is to present both RabbitMQ and Kafka side-by-side.

Terraspace | The Terraform Framework

Some opionionated approach handling growing Terraform DevOps configuration through tooling.

Backstage · An open platform for building developer portals

Spotify’s developer portal, unified interface for monitoring, incidents, documentation. Seems to be useful if you have a bigger development team.