Dev-Links #12 - JS/Frontend & development process

17th January 2021 – 348 words

Second round of bookmarks from the last couple of weeks.

JavaScript & Frontend

CUBE CSS - Piccalilli

A CSS methodology oriented towards simplicity and consistency with a heavy dosage of pragmatism. the modern JavaScript savings calculator

Calculate the size and performance improvement a site could achieve by switching to modern JavaScript syntax.


A rugged, minimal framework for composing JavaScript behavior in your markup. - alpinejs/alpine

A popular framework in the spirit of AngularJS / Vue 1.0 as a method for progressive enhancement


If you are looking for Bootstrap without jQuery, this is it.

For projects which only need minimal Bootstrap components (Dropdown, Modal, …), this would be a good alternative.


🚀 Unlock the full power of the Amazon autocompletion engine right into your search input. JavaScript Plugin. - caroso1222/amazon-autocomplete


Makes Rails' link_to confirm: 'foo' build a Bootstrap Modal instead of calling the browser's confirm() API. - ifad/data-confirm-modal

Development process optimization

Conventional Comments

Comments that are easy to grok and grep

After Conventional Comments, which we are following loosely, this is another suggestion to format Code-Review comments in a similar fashion.

Visual Vocabulary

small wizard that explains which kind of visualizations are effective for what kinds of data

Maximizing Developer Effectiveness

To be successful at digital transformation you need to optimize the key feedback loops in your software engineering organization

Concise piece without too much fluff about common project management practices (Agile) and DevOps methods (CI/CD) on Fowler’s blog.