About me

I am a web developer, living in Frankfurt a.Main, Germany. I work as lead developer for the Dresden based pludoni GmbH. With my team, I plan, create and maintain several web-applications for our company.
Besides programming, I want to become a 中国通 (Zhōng gúo tōng = "Chinese comrade" = Chinese expert), meaning: a person who learns Chinese, practises Chinese in China and remains informed about the newest Internet memes.

Projects at pludoni GmbH

As the first technical employee of our company, I've build up all of our web-apps + infrastructure over time, trained new collegues, helped out key customers. I've managed the transition from a PHP based setup to Ruby on Rails standard software and I've introduced modern development practices such as Continuous delivery, TDD, DVCS, automatic deployment, security scanning. Thus, our company now enjoys a very high productivity per developer and is one of the most innovative HR / Recruiting companies in Germany with only a handful developers.

Our mission, at Pludoni, is to support small and medium sized local companies to find employees, in mainly IT and MINT sectors. We do so, by using a mechanism, we call 'Bewerberempfehlung' (applicant recommendation), where participating companies mention our websites in their rejections. In addition, very good candidates can receive an Empfehlungscode (recommendation code), which they can use on our platforms to apply at a different company.

More about pludoni's services can be found on our website.

Personal and Open Source projects

I try to use and contribute to Open Source as often as possible. Most of my running personal applications can be found on Github.

Some snippets are also found as Gists on Github.

I am started to develop apps around the topic "Learning Chinese", together with Olle Linge, the publisher of Hackingchinese.com. The first one is a simple link collection/voting app. The second a challenge tracking app

A (German) search engine for Podcasts. At the beginning of 2014, I was missing a good search engine and recommendation system for podcasts, so I started to implement one by myself. Users can upload their podcast inventory file or manually create an account via Twitter, Facebook, Github or Google Login.

Then the system will try to match interests and suggest similar podcasts to listen to.

A (German) news aggregator for relevant news in Human Resources and personal matters.

Hand curated list of sources are indexed regulary and ranked by popularity in Social Media.



Same code-base as HRfilter, but this time the topic is bicycle related news.

Ansible-Rails (Dresden-Weekly)


Together with other developers, we developed a suite of Ansible deployment roles for Ruby on Rails applications.

SimpleCaptcha was a popular Rubygem that got abandoned. I took over the maintenance some time ago.


  • Centralized application logging with Graylog2
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  • WebApps mit Cordova und Angular
    10/05/2014 Mobile-Camp Dresden 2014 Slides
  • SCSS/SASS: Die Zukunft von Stylesheets
    08/03/2013 WDCM Dresden Slides
  • CMS Showdown: Drupal
    07/02/2013 WDCM Dresden Slides
  • CoffeeScript: „Hochsprache für JavaScript“
    09/11/2012 WDCM Dresden Slides
  • Lightning Talk: Hubot
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