Published various short Ruby scripts as gists

23rd September 2013 – 110 words

I published some small scripts as Github Gists, because I think, each of them are not worth mentioning as a individual blog post.


  • Ruby: extracting PDF from MS Access OLE Blob
  • Ruby: WebCrawler Base class for a crawler based on Capybara-Poltergeist (PhantomJS)
  • youtube_link_tag code with extraction of youtube URL from various youtube-links
  • Rails: Using Webfonts in Wicked-PDF (as Base64-coded inline fonts)
  • Rails: Two Click Image helper for easy dropin daily refreshed Facebook/Twitter/SocialPlugins as static images (to comply with German data protection standards). Using wkhtmltoimage
  • Vim/Rails: rails.vim projections for the new projections feature
  • JS/Coursera: CopyPaste Script for downloading whole course videos (tested in Firefox)