Fixing annoying asset/compass/sass error after Rails 4.0.4 upgrade

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TLDR: lock sprockets to 2.11.0 or sass-rails to 4.0.2

After upgrading our Rails 4 apps to the latest minor release, I got this error every single time:

ArgumentError - wrong number of arguments (2 for 1)
  (in /profiles/swi/Projects/portal/app/assets/stylesheets/style.css.sass):
  sprockets (2.12.0) lib/sprockets/sass_importer.rb:11:in `initialize'
  compass-rails (1.1.6) lib/compass-rails/patches/sass_importer.rb:7:in `block in evaluate'
  compass-rails (1.1.6) lib/compass-rails/patches/sass_importer.rb:7:in `evaluate'
  () profiles/swi/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.0.0-p195@global/gems/tilt-1.4.1/lib/tilt/template.rb:103:in `render'
  sprockets (2.12.0) lib/sprockets/context.rb:197:in `block in evaluate'
  sprockets (2.12.0) lib/sprockets/context.rb:194:in `evaluate'
  sprockets (2.12.0) lib/sprockets/processed_asset.rb:12:in `initialize'
  sprockets (2.12.0) lib/sprockets/base.rb:374:in `block in build_asset'
  sprockets (2.12.0) lib/sprockets/base.rb:395:in `circular_call_protection'
  sprockets (2.12.0) lib/sprockets/base.rb:373:in `build_asset'

At first, looking into the referenced stylesheet, I could not find anything wrong, so I upgraded several gems. I got it working with this configuration:

gem 'compass-rails', "~> 1.1.6" # not relevant for this case,
gem 'sass-rails', '4.0.2'
gem 'sprockets', '~>2.11.0'

Some people already reported this issue on the Sprockets issue tracker.